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Video Calls - Just Do It!

Tips for Presence and Body Language in Video Calls

Regardless of the platform available - Zoom, FaceTime or any others, you can do it!

If you are already using video calls and meetings to connect with people, great! I know that it's still a struggle for many. Here are a couple tips and suggestions to get you started or improve your presence and body language in video calls to enhance the experience for everyone.

1. Lighting - Let people see you. An overhead light and some sunlight through a window are probably enough.

2. Where is Your Camera? - I like to place my camera at about eye level and approximately 2 1/2 to 3 feet away from me. You want to show at least your shoulders and head.

3. Body Language - Just like in person, your body language matters. Focus on the person speaking to you. Keep your shoulders back. If you talk with your hands, make sure they can see them but keep them low enough they don't distract from your face. Don't cross your arms. Smile!

I hope to see you on a video call soon. Stay well everyone!


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