Thank You Leaders

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

When I think about it, being a leader is hard - Great responsibility and often they are not given the tools to do it well. A great practitioner doesn't always make a great leader, yet we expect them to be.

I realize that in years past, I had expectations and ideals for leaders. These include humility, trust, strong communication, collaboration, vision, strategy, openness to change, hard work and willingness to learn. This is a very tall order.

I invite us all - myself included - to have grace, forgiveness and gentleness when dealing with our leaders.

They have it tough, and especially during this unprecedented time, they don't have a playbook. We are all learning together and I believe generally doing the best we can.

To all the leaders out there - past, present and future - We know it can be lonely at the top. We appreciate you.


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