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Tap Into Your Power and Action. Find Your Voice. - A Workshop

About the Workshop

Do you know what you want/need from your life and career? Do your stakeholders at home and at work know and understand your vision? What if you were able to articulate your vision for yourself with purpose and impact? What if you found intentional ways to translate your vision to concrete action? Join this workshop with Mindee Mosher and Meenakshi Iyer to learn how to tap into the power of purpose you have within you and turn that into impactful action by using your voice. Key Takeaways 1. Ability and tools to increase self-awareness and identify and articulate what you need and want 2. Techniques to ask yourself powerful questions and to identify desired attributes 3. Tools and practices to increase your personal power and to create more positive and intentional action 4. Tools for setting intentions that lead to greater fulfillment 5. Tips for decision making and accountability 6. Tips on communicating with cultural intelligence Who is this Session for? Women professionals aspiring to move into Executive, Senior Executive and C-Suite positions. Mindee Mosher's background includes Psychology, Education,Marketing and Business Development. As an ICF certified coach, she supports professionals with Better With ROSE coaching packets and 1on1 virtual coaching. Better with ROSE is designed to take the effort out of determining what to do and when so that one can focus on making the changes that will last a lifetime while enjoying and appreciating life today. She believes coaching can be accessible, simple and enjoyable. She enriches one's life, personal growth, relationship building and selfimprovement by putting manageable amounts of time and energy into small, incremental changes that can make all the difference. Meenakshi Iyer is a T-shaped professional and leader with an international and interdisciplinary career in Healthcare, Product Management, IT, HR and L&D - spanning 20+ years. She's led many IT and non-IT transformation initiatives both in India and the US. Meenakshi founded NorthStar Solutions and Services in Aug 2019 with a vision to promote organizational agility through inclusion.


Offering PROFESSIONAL, LIFE and HOME Monthly Coaching Packets

and one on one coaching sessions for $139/hr. Discounts available

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