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Set An Intention - Worksheet

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Try this mad lib style worksheet when you want to set a specific goal. Choose a goal and fill in the blanks. See examples below.

In ________________________ I will have ________________________ the

(period of time) (adverb)(action verb(s))




(Optional - Detailed description of end product including adjectives. What do you see? Envision your results)

To achieve this, I will ________________________ ________________________

(action verb(s)) (noun(s))

and ________________________ ________________________.

(action verb (s)) (noun(s))

To hold myself accountable, I will _______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________.

(action verb(s))

Example: Garden

In 1 month I will have thoroughly cleaned out the gardens and planted a new flower species for this summer.

The garden boxes will have dark brown mulch with ceramic painted plant tags. Tall flowers in back, greenery in the middle and new flower type in front.

To achieve this, I will purchase garden gloves and mulch, research the flower types at the garden center and weed for 10 minutes every evening.

To hold myself accountable, I will tell 3 friends my plans and ask them to check in at least weekly on progress.”

Go through ROSE Steps for the above. These are questions and ideas related to Receptivity, Organization, Sequencing and Efficiency.

R –

What can increase your receptivity to accomplishing this goal? What has stopped me before? Why do I want nice gardens? What is likely to be a roadblock this year? Express these items to my accountability partner.

O –

What can I do to organize this? Are there groups of tasks or items that will make it more manageable?Make a list of what I need to purchase and do to complete garden.

S –

What should be done first? Second? Put the items in order and set smaller goals for each.

E –

What items or tasks can I group together better? or differently? or exclude? or outsource? to minimize effort and maximize the likelihood of reaching the goal? How can I simplify this and get it done?


Roommate Reach Out

“By next week, I will have cheerfully reached out to my old roommate and asked her to lunch. I will include how I miss her sense of humor in my email and that I look forward to taking her to the restaurant of her choice and offer several specific dates. To achieve this, I will draft the email tomorrow, read through it the following day and hit send. I will also set aside cash to be ready when we set a date. To hold myself accountable, I will block several dates on my calendar now and tell our mutual friend that I’m going to send the invitation.”

Cleaning the Closet

“In one month I will have completely cleaned out my bedroom closet. It will be freshly painted and have easy access to and visibility of every item. To achieve this, I will buy paint, brushes and tarp this weekend and throw out all items I no longer need. The following weekend I will group and neatly fold the remaining items in boxes on the floor. The next weekend I will dust and paint the closet. Finally, I will put everything back in a way that looks inviting.

To hold myself accountable, I will do each task before any other recreation or chores.


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