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As promised, here is another excellent tool from Dr. Marc Brackett to smooth relationships and communications. These tools work. He's proven it in school systems and workplaces across the United States.

RULER is an acronym for Recognize, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate.

Recognize. Learn to identify physical cues to understand what we and others are feeling. For example, if someone's feelings are hurt.

Understand. Develop an understanding of the causes and consequences of an emotion, such as what makes you angry and why taking it out on your siblings is not OK.

Label. Build an emotional language to start to differentiate and describe the full range of human emotions, like expressing when you are happy or sad.

Express. Learn how to show and express our emotions in socially appropriate ways, such as not shouting at others when you are upset.

Regulate what we think about or do to feel more or less of an emotion, so we can be our best selves whatever the situation. For example, how to control ourselves when we feel cross.

Remember - Most of us weren't taught as children how to notice, identify and manage our feelings yet this is the primary driver of our behaviors, the quality of our relationships and our success.

To better learn to label your emotions, see Feeling Wheel

For Marc's Mood Meter tool see


If you'd like to learn more about Marc Brackett and add Permission to Feel - the power of emotional intelligence to achieve well-being and success to your wish list, I encourage you to see his website -

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