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Plate of Food - Problem Solving

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Problem solving and uncertainty are very common ways that we get stuck. We choose not to move forward because we aren't sure what to do. There is rarely one perfect answer but there are many problem solving techniques that can help you see things from various perspectives and just keep moving forward.

All we have to do is take the next right action.

Be RECEPTIVE to the best options, ORGANIZE your thoughts, SEQUENCE your actions and aim for EFFICIENCY and EASE.


The Plate of Food problem solving technique can be helpful to those who are more kinesthetic and experiential in their approach to life. If you tend to be very analytic, you may prefer the Cartesian Questions or if you have a vivid imagination, try What Would Happen Next?.

There are options. Give them a try!


Plate of Food

Struggling with a problem or decision? You can explore a decision from many angles and make headway by putting your options on a plate.

Take a piece of paper, draw a circle/plate and then write ever option you can think of onto the plate. Next, take a bite of each one. Really pretend to bite into and chew it. Which options are you willing to swallow? Start reducing the options in this way until certain ones seem most appealing and palatable.

Put all of your options on a plate

Take a bite and chew each of them

Which options are you willing to swallow?


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