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Notice Contributions - Say Thank You

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In these difficult times, a little recognition can go a long way. It is easy to take others' contributions for granted and even when noticed, we often neglect to acknowledge or say "Thank you."

If it takes an hour to clean the kitchen including windex and magic erasers, a simple remark can go a long way to making me want to do it again. Many of us appreciate a pat on the back. This is not 'millenial' behavior or neediness.

Recognizing effort is a simple means of connection.

Encouragement before and acknowledgement after can keep the momentum going and help to establish positive behavior patterns. Stay well everyone.


"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - William Arthur Ward

"A smart manager will establish a culture of gratitude. Expand the appreciative attitude to suppliers, vendors, delivery people, and of course, customers." - Harvey Mackay

"When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude." - Gilbert K. Chesterton

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