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Mood Meter

Want to smooth any relationships or communications? Know anyone that does? I would bet the answer is yes.

Over the next few weeks, during the holidays, I'll share a few simple, accessible tools that can be used with all of your engagements - in the workplace and in your personal life. Most of us weren't taught as children how to notice, identify and manage our feelings yet this is the primary driver of our behaviors, the quality of our relationships and our success.

Dr. Marc Brackett in his book Permission to Feel clearly outlines why our emotional regulation matters and tools he has effectively used in school systems and the workplace across the United States. I highly recommend it. But don't take my word for it. Most of you have heard of Dr. Brene Brown. She says, “I cannot recommend Permission To Feel enough... practical, tactical, actionable. My favorite kind of book. I just loved it.”


The Mood Meter tool is a simple way to check in on your happiness and energy level and there are four zones that you will generally experience.

Low energy and low happiness? You are in the sad zone.

Low energy and high happiness? You are in the calm zone.

High energy and low happiness? You are in the angry zone.

High energy and high happiness? You are in the happy zone.

You can offer this to your children, your team and to yourself.

If you'd like to learn more about Marc Brackett and add Permission to Feel - the power of emotional intelligence to achieve well-being and success to your wish list, I encourage you to see his website -

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