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How to Build a House - Your Career

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

From a high level, building your career – or anything you want in your life – is like building a house.

It applies to whatever goals you have for yourself professionally and personally. It applies to anything that you want to pursue, that you need or want. We're going to move through a few steps with building a house. It always starts with an idea.

The house that you are sitting in right now started with someone's idea.

They had to put that idea down in writing or drawing, communicate it to someone else who put it down in writing or drawing. Eventually, after some time was put in, architectural designs and decisions were made, then the earth had to be moved to prepare a foundation. Then there were some pipes and electricity run and someone put up walls. It usually takes a team to do this. Along the way you are getting that idea slowly moving toward a manifestation of an actual house. Once those walls are up, a roof can be put on, windows can be installed, then aesthetic things can happen - painting, bringing in furniture, long before anyone can live there.

It takes all these steps along the way. This is the exact same thing that applies to you if you are making a dinner. If you have the idea that, “I'm going to cook dinner tonight.” You need to gather your ingredients. You need to move along the steps to actually create that dinner.

If you look around the room that you are in right now - the chair that you are sitting on, the shirt that you are wearing, the computer that you are looking at - all of these had the exact same process as this house. It started as an idea and then it moved into an actual item in the real world.

This is the same process used for any goals.


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