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Feeling Wheel

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Things are hard right now. I want to share a tool that might help.

Our emotions are complicated and deeply connected to our behaviors, habits and patterns. Feeling Wheels are helpful tools to identify and reveal complicated experiences and emotions. When you begin to understand what you are really feeling -

WHY and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT may follow shortly.

The Feeling Wheel consists of six areas of emotion with

related and specific feelings in the outer rings:







Find the emotion in the center that you feel and identify feelings on the outer rings that you experience in relation to a given situation or experience. Are there certain spokes of the wheel that you are in touch with? That you have a good handle on? That you spend a lot of time experiencing?

Feel your emotions. Emotions have a physical sensation - a counterpart. Listen to your body. Pay very close attention to what it tells you.

Want a simpler version? Try the Plutchik Wheel -

Prefer a wheel without color? -

For related information about the Feeling Wheel, see the following resources:

Feeling Wheel:

‘Feelings Wheel’ Will Help You Better Describe Your Emotions

Plutchik Wheel:


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