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Cultural Comparison Tool by Country

Doing business with other countries? Want to? Working with global teams?

The Hofstede Insights Country Comparison Tool,the-netherlands,the-usa/

allows you to compare any countries you'd like globally in six key cultural areas with explanation.

Power Distance



Uncertainty Avoidance

Long Term Orientation


As explained on the website -

"If we explore the US culture through the lens of the 6-D Model©, we can get a good overview of the deep driving factors of American culture relative to other cultures in our world. By supplying you with this information please realise that culture describes a central tendency in society. Everybody is unique, yet social control ensures that most people will not deviate too much from the norm. Moreover, within every country regional cultural differences exist, also in the States. Americans, however, don’t need to go to a cultural briefing before moving to another state successfully."

This excellent tool was shared with me by Meenakshi Iyer of NorthStar Solutions and Services. Use it to your advantage!

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