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Balance Your Work - Fulfillment and Relevance

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We expect to have fulfillment in our careers. We should. Additionally, as you move forward in your role - in your career - whatever it is that your goals are, you need to stay relevant. Relevance is an important part of the equation in balance with your personal fulfillment.

For fulfillment and relevance to stay in balance we need to incorporate learning opportunities and growth along with fun and enjoyment. It is not exclusively about what your produce - your goods and services.

We are always moving. Things are never in a static place. Even if you have a brief period where you are exclusively focused on production, there has to be opportunities to step back and find the fun again and find the opportunities for growth again.

This is how you'll be able to stay fulfilled and relevant in your career.

If you are interested in learning more, consider reading The Inner Game of Work by W. Timothy Gallwey


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