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Life Coaching Track

Each month you’ll focus on a theme of your choice, which includes tasks, challenges and activities to engage all your senses to make small, incremental improvements in the areas of Receptivity, Organization, Sequencing and Efficiency. 

Life Themes:  Health, Wellness, Home, Work, Relationships, Finance, Recreation, Personal Growth, Self Awareness, Priorities, Creativity, Your Spirit

This includes: 

  • action items

  • examples

  • magic moments

  • worksheets

  • weekly affirmations 

  • try a new thing

  • connection idea

  • creative engagement 

  • abundance activity 

  • exercise 

  • resources 


You’ll receive access to a month's worth of coaching material per packet. You can also send packet answers and accomplishments to your coach for feedback and email support.

YOU deserve a coach and you can be

Better With ROSE!

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