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Junior Coaching Track

Coming 2020

Each month you’ll focus on a theme of your choice which includes tasks, challenges and activities to help you and your child* engage all your senses to make small, incremental improvements in the areas of Receptivity, Organization, Sequencing, and Efficiency. 

* Suggested for 5-9 Year Old Children.

Junior Themes: Bedroom, Clothing, Toys, Life Skills, Education, Free Time, Character, Joy, What Makes You Special, Aptitude/Strengths, Communication, Self-Esteem, The Seasons

This includes: 

  • action items

  • examples

  • magic moments

  • worksheets

  • weekly affirmations 

  • try a new thing

  • connection idea

  • creative engagement 

  • abundance activity 

  • exercise 

  • resources

Junior Life Subscription Cover - Option

You’ll receive access to a month's worth of coaching material per packet. You can also send packet answers and accomplishments to your coach for feedback and email support.

YOU deserve a coach and you can be

Better With ROSE!

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