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How It Works

Choose Your Coaching Track

Starting at $19.95 per month!

Focus on One Theme Each Month

Each packet is filled with tasks, challenges, worksheets, and activities! 

 Learn and Grow All Year

Feedback, Accountability, Group Coaching and more! 
Each month you’ll focus on a theme of your choice. Your 30-Day coaching PDF includes tasks, challenges and activities to engage all your senses to make small, incremental improvements in the areas of Receptivity, Organization, Sequencing and Efficiency. 
  • Action Items

  • Examples

  • Magic Moments

  • Worksheets

  • Weekly Affirmations 

  • Try a New Thing

  • Connection Idea

  • Creative Engagement 

  • Abundance Activity 

  • Exercise 

  • Resources 

You’ll receive access to a month's worth of coaching material per packet. You can also send packet answers and accomplishments to your coach for feedback and email support.

YOU deserve a coach and you can be

Better With ROSE!


My name is Mindee Mosher and I’ll be your coach. My background includes Psychology, Education, Marketing and Business Development. Enriching your life, personal growth, relationship building and self-improvement are easier said than done for most. Putting manageable amounts of time and energy into small, incremental changes can make all the difference. Better With ROSE is designed to take the effort out of determining what to do and when so you can focus on making the changes that will last a lifetime while enjoying and appreciating your life today. Coaching can be accessible, simple and enjoyable. Let’s do this together.

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